Welcome to the website for Dr. Trethart's clinic in Edmonton. Dr. Trethart's clinic offers a wide variety of alternative medicine treatments and services.

Whats New?

Chelation Therapy Video
Hear Dr. Trethart talk about chelation therapy

New Patient Package
The New Patient Package is now available on our website. All new patients are asked to please review this package and fill out the questionnaire before their first appointment with Dr. Trethart.

The questionnaire can be downloaded by clicking the link below:

The package can be downloaded by clicking the link below:
New Patient Package

Testing Kit Information
If you require information regarding testing kits please follow the links below:

Elisa Blood Allergy Test
ION Nutrition Profile
Urine Toxic Metals Test
GI Effects Stool Test

Interview With Dr. Trethart
Want to get to know the doc a little better? Read this in-depth interview with Dr. Trethart from Integrative Medicine
Click Here to Read It

Doctor Trethart on the cover of Integrative Medicine
In September 2013, Integrative Medicine did a cover story about Dr. Trethart's pioneering work in the field of integrative medicine.
Click here to view it

Patient Forms

• New Patient Package
• Patient Update Form
• Breast Thermogram Patient Instructions
• Breast Thermography Admission Forms

Alternative Medicine Treatments and Services

• Chelation Therapy
• Breast Thermography
• Elisa Blood Allergy
• ION Nutrition Profile
• Hair Analysis
• Urine Toxic Metals Test
• Plaquex
• GI Effects Stool
• Toxic Effects CORE