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Breast Cancer Fighting Broccoli

Virginia Kingwood

Your mother always told you to eat your broccoli because it’s good for you, and there is some new evidence to support her.

Dr. Duxin Sun and colleagues at the University of Michigan have recently shown that a compound found in broccoli known as sulforaphane can target and kill cancer stem cells in mice. This is especially promising for sufferers of breast cancer because cancer stem cells might be the reason breast cancers are often recurring. It’s also promising because cancer stem cells are not destroyed by chemotherapy.

On the downside, the concentrations of sulforaphane used in the study were much higher than you could expect to get from eating broccoli. But on the upside, there are a variety of high concentration sulforaphane supplements available at a reasonable cost.

That doesn’t mean you don’t have to eat your broccoli though. Lower concentrations of sulforaphane could help to prevent breast cancer, or kill it in its very early stages.
So listen to your mother and eat your broccoli!

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