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"Organic" Junk Food

It is quite common these days in supermarkets and health food stores to see an assortment of organic food products that are highly processed and resemble their junk food cousins. Some examples include breakfast cereals made of puffed organic grains, meal replacement bars high in refined sugar, organic brown rice pasta, organic soy milk, tofu wieners, veggie burgers, and so forth.

Many people mistake these "organic junk foods" as healthy substitutes for the common junk foods that they are in the habit of eating, but this is most definitely not the case.

The same principles for sound nutrition that apply to non-organic foods also apply to organic foods. The more a food is processed, handled, heated, boxed, shipped, etc., the more detrimental it is to your health.

Sometimes, in the initial transition to healthier dietary habits, these food can be useful as they are marginally less harmful than non-organic junk foods, however, they should ultimately be avoided and considered anti-nutrients

If you love snack foods but want to eat healthy, try making some homemade whole food alternatives. Here are some recipe books that can help:

Whole Foods Bible

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