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3 Steps To Kill a Cold Sore Fast

John Miller

I have suffered from cold sores for most of my adult life, and am always trying to find better and faster ways to deal with a flare up. After 20 years, I can now stop an outbreak in as little as two days before the sore has spread more than a few millimeters. Now don’t be fooled by products that claim to be able to rid you of the virus forever and make you never have an outbreak again. I've tried them all and it is just not possible. The best thing you can do is stop the outbreak before it spreads. How do I do this, you may ask? Well there a 3 things that I have found to be most effective.

1. The first and most important thing, believe it or not, is ice. That's right, I said "ice". The moment a cold sore begins, you need to freeze it. Use an ice pack, a bag of frozen peas or something similar, or even an ice cube, and place it over the affected area. Whatever you use, just make sure to wrap it in a thin towel or something similar. This will prevent you from giving your skin freezer burn. Apply the ice for no more than 15 minutes at a time, about 4-6 times per day.

2. Number two is Lysine. Lysine is an amino acid that helps to block the virus’s ability to clone itself, and the cloning of viruses is what makes your cold sore spread. So the more Lysine your body has, the harder it is for the virus to reproduce. Lysine can be found in meat products or taken as an oral supplement. Just make sure that you use a good quality supplement.

3. My final solution to kill a cold sore fast is a little known product called SSKI or "Saturated Solution of Potassium Iodide". This stuff is simply amazing. It has multiple uses and should be in everybody's medicine cabinet. It's a clear liquid that should be applied 3-4 times each day to the affected area. It works by killing the viruses directly and by drying up the area. For more information on SSKI read"SSKI (saturated solution of potassium iodide): Everyone should have some in their medicine cabinet."

Usually, I will start with the ice and take Lysine at the same time and then apply the SSKI between icings. If you follow these steps from the moment your outbreak begins, then your cold sore will be gone in a matter of days and it will never grow larger than a tiny pimple.

Happy cold sore killing!

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