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Watch Out for Anti-Nutrients

You may have an idea about what constitutes a whole foods diet and understand the importance of the nutrients you get from whole foods, but it is equally important to understand why certain foods containing "anti-nutrients" should be avoided by everyone.

Foods in their natural and unprocessed state always contain the nutrients needed for their own metabolism. This means that your body does not have to expend any of its stored energy or nutrients to digest and utilize whole foods.

An anti-nutrient, on the other hand, is a food or substance that does not come complete with the nutrients needed for its own metabolism and/or interferes with the absorption of other nutrients, forcing the body to steal nutrients from elsewhere in order to metabolize it, leaving the body nutritionally lacking.

The following foods, additives and chemicals are common anti-nutrients that deplete the body's nutrient stores and contribute to poor health.

Added Sugars
Refined Flours
Artificial Sweeteners
Hydrgenated Oils, Trans-Fats And Commercial Oils
Iodized Salt (Refined or Table Salt)
"Organic" Junk Food
Milk: A Controversial Food
Soy: Another Controversial Food

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